Smart City

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Smart Technology and Sustainability Exciting Energy Solutions are Beginning to Emerge in Fountain Valley

  • Changing municipal infrastructure to save money and consume less energy is a priority
  • Good for the environment, good for the City of Fountain Valley
  • Creating energy platforms that are sustainable and scalable
  • Smart Cities transform not just once, but continuously – FV is looking to the future
  • Engaging with our community to implement their ideas
  • Better lighting, better visibility, better communities
  • Proven energy savings, return on investment used for future projects
  • More than being good stewards of the environment – using resources wisely
  • Win-win solutions
  • The location and estimated annual energy production of each solar site is as follows:
  • Center at Founder’s Village194,777 kWh
  • Corporate Yard175,759 kWh
  • Recreation Center566,460 kWh
  • Police Station261,134 kWh
  • Total1,198,130 kWh

Smart City

Fountain Valley is a SMART CITY and aims to create efficient government, improve sustainability, create economic development, and enhance quality of life for its residents, stakeholders and businesses.

Energy Efficient Project: Solar Panel Success

Over the past year, the City has undertaken a comprehensive energy efficiency project aimed at cutting the City’s electrical use and cost. A significant part of the project was the construction of solar panel arrays at four City facilities. All four solar sites have now been approved by Southern California Edison and are now generating electricity for City facilities.

Other significant energy efficiency improvements from the project included

  • Recreation Center:Installation of a new air conditioning and heating system at the Recreation Center Gymnasium.
  • City Hall: Replacement of (2) indoor air handling units serving the City Council Chambers with a single unit for improved efficiency and cost savings.
  • City Parks: Replacement of exterior pole mounted lighting fixtures with high efficiency LED lights. The LED lights provide enhanced night time visibility, energy savings, long life, and low maintenance.
  • Street Intersections:Replacement of intersection street lights with high efficiency LED lights. The LED lights provide enhanced night time visibility, energy savings, long life, and low maintenance.


In February, the electricity billings for the City Yard and the Senior Center was a combined total of $4,400, and in March the electricity billings for the two facilities was a total of $500. In one month, the City Yard and Senior Center generated a combined savings of $3,900. The City’s Energy Efficiency Project will result in an estimated annual energy savings of $190,000 and reduce City facility related greenhouse gas emissions by 20%.

Here’s more…

After completing many of the energy efficiency measures detailed in the City’s Energy Action Plan, there remain only a few efficiency projects that have the potential to benefit the City both financially and from an energy conservation and sustainability standpoint.

Climatec, LLC (in tandem with the City’s financing team), has completed a Facilities Audit which determined the cost of these remaining Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) and the total amount of potential cost and operating savings to be realized by installing these upgrades. The Facilities Audit determined the feasibility of energy solutions in four key areas:

1)  Constructing solar photovoltaic (PV) installations at various City owned locations;
2) City street lighting upgrade and purchase from Southern California Edison (SCE);
3) Retro-commissioning of HVAC facilities; and
4) Energy efficiency measures for other City facilities, including the installation of new air conditioning systems for the Recreation Center Gymnasium.