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  • Creating opportunity for Fountain Valley businesses
  • • The City of Fountain Valley has the following initiatives in place:
  • • FV Business Funding Program
  • • Proactive Economic Development Initiatives
  • • Business Retention and Attraction Program

Now funding low interest loans for FV property owners

The City of Fountain Valley recognizes the important role that successful businesses play in the city, so having proactive economic development and lending programs are a high priority. The City is on pace with its strategic goal of ensuring that business retention and attraction needs are met.

The City has an active commercial property and business improvement loan program designed to support, promote, and finance the needs of Fountain Valley businesses. The loan program was established to provide low interest funds to growing commercial property owners. The loan amounts range from $50,000 to $500,000 and are available to commercial property owners interested in improving existing corridors, job creation, and inclusive economic development.

Fountain Valley funding program goals

  • Create sustainable business environments
  • Generate incentives to increase business investment
  • Improve business retention
  • Attract new businesses and visitors
  • Create visually pleasing areas for all residents to enjoy
  • Increase local employment
  • Provide new revenue streams and programming for the city to improve overall economic health for the City of Fountain Valley

    The property improvement funding program is designed as a cost-sharing approach. Most businesses understand the term “skin in the game” – the City’s desire is to fund responsible, successful businesses, and the property owner will be required to support a portion of the venture. The city and owner will work together to develop a clear scope and strategy that’s agreeable to all parties involved and works to achieve a mutually beneficial project to help Fountain Valley achieve funding program goals. The City of Fountain Valley would like for this to be a win-win arrangement.


The Hotel Incentive Program (HIP) provides economic incentives to develop 3 to 5 star quality hotels in the City of Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley’s HIP is an economic development tool to help attract targeted industries, increase local employment, expand the tax base, and create long term capital investment and new wealth opportunities in the community for eligible hotels with a financing gap as determined by a financial and economic analysis.

This policy is in alignment with the strategic goals of the city:

  • Enhancing economic development
  • Achieving financial stability
  • Maintaining and enhancing infrastructure and facilities