Permitting & Zoning

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The Planning and Building Department is dedicated to serving the public. Primary functions include implementing and facilitating the General Plan, development of the economy through diversifying the economic base, increasing economic opportunity and fostering community engagement. These goals are achieved by working with our residents, constituents and business community to plan, build and maintain a vibrant, competitive and livable Fountain Valley with an emphasis on professional customer service, education and safety.

Step 1

Application pre-submittal meeting is held with applicant and various city departments.

Step 2

Applicant schedules a submittal meeting with the Planning Department.

Step 3

Planning Department solicits comments from various departments and provides a written comment letter to the applicant within 30-day of submittal.

Step 4

Applicant addresses comments and resubmits while Planning staff works to prepare the appropriate environmental clearance document.

Step 5

Staff prepares a report and the item is scheduled for a future Planning Commission agenda where the Commission will decide whether to grant the application request.

If Approved Submit plans to Building Division if doing Construction Obtain Business License.

If Approved Code Amendments, General Plan Amendments, Specific Plans, Zone Changes, Tract/Parcel maps all get forwarded to City Council for final approval.


If Denied Projects applicant may appeal decision to City Council.

All Decisions of the Planning Commission may be appealed to the City Council in accordance with FVMC 21.60.
The process chart is not in intended for general information only. Processing times may vary based on the project and/or land use. This chart does not include projects that are not exempt from CEQA law.

The Planning Department main contact number is 714.593.4425