OC Region

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Fountain Valley, working together as a Region

FV plays an intricate role within the Orange County region. Our leadership works hand-in-hand with other cities, partners and public agencies to provide quality public services for residents, visitors and businesses. As our economy continues to increase globally, Orange County leadership recognizes the importance and benefits of regional work and committing to economic development on a county-wide level. “In our global economy, we realize that our neighboring cities are no longer the competition and have found ways to collaborate on our ideas, growth, challenges and successes. By working together as a region to move initiatives forward, we’re discovering how our values are similar and goals are the same,” says FV City Manager Rob Houston. O.C. City Managers and leadership meet on an ongoing basis to discuss and brainstorm issues, such as our regional infrastructure, access to quality health care, homelessness, living wages and quality jobs, education and what a diverse economy looks like in 2020. Fountain Valley is a nice city that looks at itself as a part of larger economy, an economy that has access to world-class higher education, regional health care systems, major freeways and interstates providing our business community with access to global shipping ports, international airports, railway systems and a strong diverse workforce.

Here’s why businesses locate, grow and remain in Fountain Valley

  • Fountain Valley places high value on neighboring cities, community partners, and public agencies
  • We think through and collaborate regionally on challenges, issues and success stories
  • FV recognizes the significant role that our small and medium-size businesses play in our city
  • And we attract, retain and grow global businesses in our city
  • Fountain Valley residents and businesses believe in and call FV home because of...
  • • Great schools
  • • Safe neighborhoods
  • • Public safety
  • • Affordable homes
  • • Quality infrastructure
  • • Sense of community
  • • Driving distance to airport, beach, and freeways
  • • Quality public services
  • • Strong and stable economy
  • • Growing commercial real estate market
  • • Regional collaboration effort
  • • Economic development
  • • City staff that wants to see businesses succeed