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Sunny California is the third largest state with a land area of 155,779 square miles and it is the most populous state with more than 40 million inhabitants. It goes without saying that there are many exciting cities and destinations within a geographic area of that magnitude. And of course, it is California with Hollywood, Disneyland, great surf, beaches, mountains and so much more.


Best Place to Live

What might surprise you though is that a city named Fountain Valley is ranked number 16 among the “Best Places to Live in California!”.

That puts Fountain Valley ahead of better-known places like Santa Cruz, Milpitas, Redding, and Rancho Cordova, among many others.


Our Ranking

The rankings are compiled by RentApplication.com, a real estate portal devoted to helping home owners, renters and cities better understand their communities and the relative advantages of various locations.

The organization compiles data from the U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, education rankings, citizen satisfaction ratings, natural language analysis and their own research to determine the rankings.

According to the news release from RentApplication.com, “This is a true achievement, and is a testament to government and citizens working together to create a great place to live.”

Fountain Valley was also nominated as one of the “three best cities to live in” by The Orange County Register. The category is part of the newspaper’s annual “Best of Orange County” event.


According to the planning and building director, the city is comprised of 80% single-family homes, 5% multi-family units and 15% commercial/industrial space. Since more than 70% of the homes are owner occupied with an average length of residence exceeding 19 years, Fountain Valley is a very stable community.

That stability breeds good schools. The website GreatSchools.org gives Fountain Valley Schools a rating of nine out of a possible 10 in terms of quality education. The organization bases their rankings on how well students do on standardized testing compared to other students within the state. Obviously, Fountain Valley students are doing very well.

With a great location, access to the shopping, amenities and attractions of Southern California and an excellent school system, Fountain Valley is a safe and stable community in which to live, work and raise a family.

But just because the city has a lot to offer now, doesn’t mean that the community is content to rest on its laurels. Please read on to learn about planning and work that is being done to ensure that Fountain Valley continues to stand out among California cities.